Representing Individuals Suffering from Dog Bite Injuries

Being injured in a dog bite attack can be a traumatic and scarring experience. Some victims are no longer comfortable being near dogs, no matter how docile they may seem. Dog owners have the responsibility to ensure that others are protected from their dogs, either by proper fencing or the use of a leash. If you were injured in a dog bite attack, you need to speak with us at Priority Law Group. With more than four decades of combined legal experience and countless victories behind us, our Los Angeles accident attorneys can help you file a compensation-seeking claim for your injuries.

Dog bite victims can suffer from injuries such as:

  • Permanent scars
  • Loss of limbs
  • Nerve damage
  • Emotional trauma

We can help you obtain the fair compensation you need in order to pay for all the costs related to your accident. This can provide significant financial relief to you and your loved ones. We are here for you during your time of distress.

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Dog Owners Have A Responsibility

California is a strict liability dog bite state, meaning the dog's owner is always responsible for any injuries the animal may cause through bites. Any other injuries, such as cuts or scrapes from the dog scratching at you, may not be recoverable. To win your case, you must first prove that the defendant is actually the owner of the animal. Then, you must prove that you were bitten by said dog. Lastly, your Los Angeles dog bite attorney must prove that you were in a public place, or were legally on private property when the bite occured.

Los Angeles Accident Lawyers Available Around the Clock

When disaster strikes in the form of a personal injury, you are often in need of legal assistance at odd times of the day. We are proud to offer 24/7 availability to all our clients. We can provide you with the attentive and results-driven services you need to feel more at ease over your situation. We also have a contingency fee policy for all our personal injury cases. In other words, we don’t charge legal fees unless we win your case. You can retain our legal services without having to worry about your financial ability to pay for representation. At Priority Law Group, you are our top priority.

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